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Monitor-Fix is the international site on monitor repair.

THE repair-shop locater.
When your display monitor (TFT or CTR) is down, go to this site. This site will display addresses of monitor repair companies, repair shops and specialist for display repair all over the world. More addresses will follow. We are adding repair centers, from USA, Canada, UK etc. almost every week. Please bookmark this page.

We started in 1995 as a cooperation of independent monitor repair service companies.
Our objective is to locate a tft, lcd or CTR repair shop near to you.

The best technicans / engineers specialising in pc monitor repair have years of experience in repairing TV sets. But that is not enough: They must have specialized know-how in the field of pc display repair and a wealth of information on where to get electronic parts for No-name-monitors. TFT Display Repair is a a growing part of our repair business.

Our monitor and display repair statistics show that fortunately the flyback is only in 2% of all repairs the cause of the trouble. In most cases transistors and IC s, elcos are not working. And they are not specific for only one specific monitor: Our specialized Repair Centers can get them from several sources.

CTR and TFT panel repair is to a large extent a matter of parts logistics: Having a network of specialists and sharing information on sources helps.

  • TV and Monitor repair tips (pay database) for professionals, engineers and technicians

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